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Wait.  Not my favorite word, though certainly one of God’s.

I’ve been waiting for lots of things lately:  a new baby coming any day, for some finally arrived time with my sisters, for a break in my travel/ministry schedule, for resolution in some relationship situations, for peace in a great loss, for time to write….

Some waiting is joyful—I am eager for the outcome!  Other waiting is very painful, and then it is hard to keep hope alive.

King David had lots of opportunities to wait, and I have found his experiences have helped me persevere through God’s times of waiting for me.  Psalm 27 is such a story.

David’s Reality

Psalm 27:13-14: “I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.”

The setting: David is in trouble: wicked assailants, enemies, war.

His response: Ps. 27:8: I will seek the face of the Lord.

His conclusion: I can wait with hope.


“Still confident”: aman—believe, hold up, build up or support, render firm

“Wait”: qavah—to bind together, to expect, to look for patiently, to wait for or on or upon

“Be strong”: chazaq—fasten on, seize, bind, confirm, conquer, be courageous

“Take heart”: lev—emotions plus will and intellect—total inner being.

What David is saying:

There is trouble all around me. Enemies desire to destroy me. But I seek the Lord. And He meets me and rescues me.

Therefore I am confident that my belief/trust in God is firm. I am connected to Him. I can believe that I will see God’s goodness in the land of the living as well as in heaven.

So I can wait with hope. I can in my heart bind together the difficult present with a hopeful future (in this world) of God’s involvement and goodness. I can live in light of God.

I will therefore be strong. I will seize and fasten on God and who He is. I will take heart and will bring my emotions, intellect and will under His loving sovereignty.

I will eagerly anticipate what God will do. I will wait with hope.

And therefore I can say:

Lord, you know the pain I am experiencing because of the choices I have made, or my child has made, or the pain life has brought. You know I want to trust and have hope, but I often am filled with hurt and fear and anger and even despair and hopelessness. But I will seek You and You will meet me and rescue me.

Therefore I am confident in You. I will stay connected to You and will choose to believe that I will see your goodness in my life or the life of my loved one.

So I can/will wait with hope. I will in my heart bind together this difficult present with that hopeful future of your involvement and goodness. I choose to live in light of who You are.

I will therefore be strong and take courage. I know what You are like—You are God and You are good. I choose to seize that truth and believe You will bring my emotions into confident trust and rest in You.

I will eagerly anticipate what You will do. I will wait with hope.


What about you?  What are you waiting and hoping for?

C2012 Judy Douglass

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Last week I was speaking to a group and was asked what were some highlights of my ministry life.  One of the greatest highlights for me occurred 6 years ago this month.

The Global Women’s Leadership Forum invited 450 staff women from 90 nations to Chiang Mai, Thailand to talk about being leaders in launching spiritual movements everywhere.  This gathering far exceeded our expectations, hopes and dreams. God showed up in such a big way!

What made it so special? Certainly there is no one contributor, but I believe there are reasons God extended His blessing.

First, this Forum was covered in prayer. For a year before the Forum, people were praying over every detail, and two dozen women actually went to Thailand just to pray. The dependence on the Lord that that expressed surely pleased Him.

Second, I believe God was pleased with our objectives. He loves to affirm His children, and our first intention was to affirm our staff women in their inherent value, ability, giftedness and crucial contribution as leaders in building movements everywhere and in shaping the future direction of our ministry. One of the most common comments I heard was that the women felt so affirmed and valued.

God is also committed to seeing all His children grow into the full likeness of the Lord Jesus and to fully develop and use the gifts and abilities He has given them. At the Forum we focused on helping the women grow in their character, their confidence and their capacity as leaders. So I think what was happening in the lives of the delegates made God smile.

I also believe most of the women came with attitudes that honored God. They came in humility, hope and expectation. They were amazed at meeting their sisters from around the world and bonded with them quickly. They loved seeing and hearing the joys and struggles of staff members in such different circumstances.

Finally, I know that God rejoiced at the sense of worship that pervaded the entire week. The music in many languages was the worship focus–we learned a song in a different language each day–but the entire Forum seemed worshipful to me. We thought, “Wow! Why do I get to be a part of this? What a privilege! God, you are so good. Thank You for loving me in this way!”

We wanted this very special experience to not belong exclusively to those who attended.  Rather, it was our prayer that the fresh wind of the Holy Spirit would blow that around the world and touch every one of our staff women, enabling us to live a worshipful life, humbly dependent on God. We also desired that each of us would grow in confidence and competence as we sought to become the women God created us to be and accomplish all He has given us to do.

That has been happening.  Further development and training for our women has covered every part of the globe.  We have seen the fireseeds of spiritual multiplication spreading and igniting fires of hope, competence and confidence in the hearts and minds of our women everywhere.

c Judy Douglass

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