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Today is National Adoption Day, featuring many efforts to help us care for orphans,  but the orphan crisis around the world keeps growing.  Some 163 million children worldwide are considered orphans.

All of us should be praying.

All of us should ask if this a need we should be giving to.

Some of us should ask God if He wants us to follow His model–He adopted us–and bring one–or more–of these children into our home.

This “Creation Groans” video will touch your heart.

There are many places to learn more about orphans and adoption.  One of my favorites is the Christian Alliance for Orphans, a uniting of more than 100 ministries serving orphans and families.

Many people have beautiful stories to tell of God growing their families through adoption.  Mine is just one of them.  It is a story of great challenge and great hope.  I have skimmed the top of our story, with five brief “chapters” of our adventure.  Here they are all together in case you want to read about our adoption.

Chapter 1:  I Am Sending You a Son

Chapter 2:  The Road to Adoption

Chapter 3:  The Hard Years

Chapter 4:  A Future and Hope

Chapter 5:  Lessons for Mom

“Defend the cause of the fatherless…”  (Isaiah 1:17)

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It’s National Adoption Month, and Sunday November 4 is Orphan Sunday.

This video can prepare your heart to hear God’s care for orphans:

And to touch your heart for those orphans around us and far away, here are several past blog posts from friends to enlighten and encourage.

Jennifer Grant with an excerpt from her book, Love You More:  The Divine Surprise of Adopting Our Daughter:  “Happy Families All Alike? (Um..Nope)”

“A Little Red Thread that Changes Everything” by Connie Jakob

“The Prayer He Never Answered:  Our Adoption Story” by Shari Dragovich

You can read the first chapter of our adoption story:  ”I Am Sending Your a Son.

And you can ask God to give you His heart for the orphan.

What about you?  How might you meet the need of an orphan?

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