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How many times have you yearned for those famous three wishes?  But that genie just doesn’t show up!

When I was fairly new into parenting, I found myself making some wishes for my children.  If I could choose three things that would help them have a great life, what would they be?

I did come up with three fairly comprehensive concepts to wish—and pray—for my kids.  So here they are:

Wish #1 A Relationship with God

Knowing God is foundational for life and the relationship that makes all others possible (1 John 5:20). A relationship with God offers forgiveness of sin, power for living, love, joy, peace, patience, wisdom, an eternal family, courage, comfort, perseverance…I could go on and on.


Wish #2 A Good Character

A good name is to be more desired than great riches, favor is better than silver and gold (Proverbs 22:1).

Character influences reputation, which affects our relationships with people, our confidence level, and our ability to achieve.  Character helps determine the contributions we will make in life and will contribute to peace of mind and a clear conscience.

Good character qualities to seek to grow in our children include integrity, responsibility, humility, generosity, discernment, kindness, self-discipline…and a sense of humor.


Wish #3 A Useful Life

What is a useful life?  One that utilizes gifts, abilities, talents and opportunities for the glory of God and the benefit of others.

Why is this important?  God has created each of us for a purpose.    He has given us what we need to fulfill that purpose, and he expects us to use them, multiply them, be a good steward of them.  (Matthew 25:14-30).  So we need to help our children discover who he has made them to be and what he has designed them to do.

As our children grow into useful lives, they will sense their value, enjoy life and know they are contributing something significant.


My children are all grown now, with children of their own.  Though they continue to grow—and I continue to pray—there is plenty of evidence of wishes come true.  I am grateful.

What would be your wishes for your children?

C 2011 Judy Douglass

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I’m heading for Slovenia in a week or so.  I have a general idea where it is, but it takes a map to pinpoint it for me.  I have no idea how to get there, but am pleased to discover that one route is through Venice.  Who knew!  It will take 3 planes and a long van ride to get to my destination.

Needless to say, it takes some planning to get to a distant place.  Or even a nearby place.  The first step is knowing where I am going.

In life as well we need to know where we are going.  We can’t use Orbitz or Google Maps or GPS.  But God has designed each of us for a purpose, a destination.  We need to discover where we are going and how to get there.


One of the best “maps” I have found is The Significant Woman, a coaching/discipleship resource that equips you to travel well on your journey.  With this amazing course,  together with others in a small group, you will pursue God and His unique design for your life.
You will be able to:

·    Discover your uniqueness
·    Embrace the source of your life
·    Uncover and pursue your personal mission
·    Refocus your life
·    Live intentionally
·    Keep it going for life


How?  You can get a “Taste of The Significant Woman” in San Diego January 28-29.  It is not too late to register.  Contact WilmaTan at mac dot com.

If you speak Spanish, you might want to attend a “Taste” in Orlando on April 30.  Contact cindi dot martinez at ccci dot org.
Come visit us at The Significant Woman or on Facebook. The course is being used by many churches and women’s groups around the country.  We can help you find a group in your community.

The best part?  You will come away with a new sense of who you are and why you are here!  You will get tangible help and encouragement for your journey to reach the destination God has made you for.

c 2010 Judy Douglass

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