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I’m a mom and a grandmother (Jeedoo is my grandmother name.)  And all you young moms, I know how weary you can be.  But I tell you, I am weary too–and it has to do with the lifelong nature of motherhood.  So I am thrilled to tell you about a wonderful little resource:  Hope for the Weary Mom by Stacey Thacker and Brooke McGlothlin.  Here’s an offer you can’t refuse.

Do you know what is powerful?


“Hope” is the kind of word that makes us close our eyes and think ,“I could use a little bit of that tossed my way.” We need it in the morning when we stir our coffee and we need it as we lay our heads down on our pillows at night to drift off to sleep.

I know a thing or two about needing hope.  Last year I was buried by the task of mothering my four girls. I decided to pour out my heart in a blog post called, “Steve Jobs, Me, and Being Fresh out of Amazing.”  In it I said:

“I’ve pretty much fallen short in every category. I am tired and not really good for much right now. The trouble is, Lord, I need to be amazing and I’m fresh out of amazing. At least it sure feels that way. Lord, I’m dry. Empty. Hit the wall. I got nothing.”

To my surprise this blog post resonated with women. Out of it grew a blog series with my friend Brooke McGlothlin and from that a tiny e-book called “Hope for the Weary Mom” was born. Along the way we found thousands of other moms who said, “I could have written this book.”  The only complaint we received about the e-book was that I wasn’t long enough.  So we decided to expand the original e-book by 50%, add new chapters, resources and a Q&A section. The newly expanded e-book released yesterday on Amazon.

Brooke and I are just two weary moms who met God in the middle of our messy lives and found each other. We are pulling back the veil, sharing real stories from our lives and pointing women to the only source of true hope, Jesus.

Our desire is that every mom who needs it will be able to pick up this new book. We are offering “Hope” today (10/24/2012) free for Kindle readers through Amazon. We actually opened up the free offer yesterday and saw the neatest thing happen. Hope began to spread.

We are trusting God with this message. Hope has always been His idea. He is the one who chose to write the story through us. We are humbled to be used by Him in this way.

You can find your free copy of “Hope for the Weary Mom” here.

While you are at it, why not send it for free to a friend? All you need is her email address to send it.

“See, hope is not a wish or a sprinkle of magical fairy dust. Hope is a person. Hope comes with flesh and blood in Jesus. When I call to Him, He comes quickly,” P.22

Let’s share Hope today and watch what happens.

Stacey is Mikes’s wife and the mother of four vibrant girls. She is a believer and writer who loves God’s Word and connecting with women. You can find her blogging at 29lincoln Avenue and on Facebook and Twitter where she usually hangs out with a cup of coffee in her hand.

Stacey Thacker

blog :: 29lincolnavenue.com

:: a place to grow, connect and encourage hearts

twitter :: stacey@29lincoln

my ebook:  Hope for the Weary Mom is now available on Amazon

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How Long, Oh Lord?

Emotions.   Passions.   Sorrow.  Joy.  Loss.  Birth.

I’ve been on the road for much of past four months—Estonia, Ethiopia, California, North Carolina, South Africa, Colorado, with brief stops at home.   My body doesn’t know what time zone it is in. My stomach doesn’t know what country it is in.  Sleep doesn’t know where to find me.

And during this time of much travel, there has been great emotional upheaval.  A divorce in my very family.  Sweet time with my sisters.  A splintering among friends.  The birth of my newest grandson.  My heart and my mind struggle to absorb the wide swings of my feelings.  Such pain! Such joy!

Yet my ministry goes on.  I write.  I speak.  I meet.  I care about people.  I listen, I pray, I encourage.   My passions for full engagement of women in the cause of Christ, for prodigals to return to their Father and receive mercy, for people to know and love Jesus, for women and girls to be free from sexual abuse and trafficking continue to vie for my attention….too many passions to try to tackle.

How long, Oh Lord?

I am weary.  I think I need time to rest, to pray, to think, to listen, to grieve, to rejoice.  To trust You.

Once again, the emotions of David serve me well:

My soul is in deep anguish. How long, LORD, how long? (Psalm 6:3)

How long, LORD? Will you forget me forever? How long will you hide your face from me? (Psalm 13:1)

How long must I wrestle with my thoughts and day after day have sorrow in my heart? (Psalm 13:2)

Relent, LORD! How long will it be? Have compassion on your servants. (Psalm 90:13) (from Moses)

How long must your servant wait? (Psalm 119:84)

David responds:

The Lord has heard my cry for mercy;

    the Lord accepts my prayer. (Psalm 6:9)

I trust in your unfailing love;

    my heart rejoices in your salvation.

 I will sing the Lord’s praise,

    for he has been good to me. (Psalm 13:5-6)

And once again I return to the verse I have rested in over and over:

I am the Lord.  In its time I will do this swiftly. (Isaiah 60:22)

Still I plead:  May it be time.

What about you?  About what are you asking “How long?”

C2012 Judy Douglass

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I’m in a very wonderful but busy season of travel and speaking.  Rather than just post fewer articles here on Kindling, I have chosen to introduce you to some of my Redbud Writers Guild friends.  I think you will love meeting them, reading their very good writing and experiencing new connections with our Savior.   This post is by Ilona Hadinger.

Recently, the ink ran out of my fountain pen as I was writing. “No! Not now!” I chided.  A stream of good thoughts and reflections had to be written lest I forget them. (Being over forty, forgetting comes much easier to me now.)

The ink, however, continued it’s sporadic offering until I found myself scratching the paper instead of writing on it. The ink supply had been exhausted. No matter how I shook it, I was working with empty.

I stopped what I was doing. The source of the flow had to be renewed. It didn’t matter how important or urgent my notes were, when the ink ran out I was forced to take a break. I had to get up and go to the place where the extra cartridges are kept. I opened the drawer and took out a new ink cartridge. I unscrewed the pen, took out the empty cartridge and replaced it with a full one.

Then I waited. It takes time for the ink to flow through the feed, the intricate collector and into the nib. Finally, with the supply refreshed, the pen was again useful and I was able to continue what I had been doing.

The analogy didn’t take long to hit me: how often do I work on empty? When I do, do I realize I’m only scratching and not really making a mark?

God’s spirit feeding mine is the source of my strength. When I neglect my time with Him—often because I’m doing much for others in His name—the source runs dry.

God gives strength to the weary, and increases the power of the weak…those who wait on the Lord will gain new strength. (Isaiah 40:31)
You who seek God, let your heart revive. (Psalm 68:32)

Before I end up working on empty, I need to stop what I’m doing, go to the place where I keep my Bible, open it, and meditate on it’s laws and precepts. Then as I wait on the Lord in prayer, His spirit begins to flow in and through my heart, mind, and soul. With my supply refreshed, I become useful again.

What about you?  Are you living on empty?

Ilona describes herself:  I’m an American born with Hungarian blood living in a Zapotec Village in Mexico. I speak three languages (English, Hungarian and Spanish).  I have four kids, one husband, a lot of interests and a few gray hairs.  I’ve been a pastors wife since I walked down the aisle and said “I do” and a missionary since I said “Huh? You really mean us, God?”.   You can read more from Ilona at http://inkyspot.wordpress.com/

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This is another in a series of letters to those who have prodigals in their lives.  This is part two of the REST theme for this year’s Worldwide Day of Prayer for Prodigals on June 2.

Dear Lover of Prodigals

During the darkest years of our journey with our prodigal I had a friend who was there for me.  She came when I needed her.  She listened, she wept, she encouraged, she prayed. I could be sure I could lean against her when I was weak, or she would catch me before I fell, or she picked me up when I crashed.

Her presence was often a place of rest for me in the midst of the seemingly never-ending turmoil and weariness.  However she could only hold me up for so long.  She grew weary in the battle as well.

But there is one who is ALWAYS there for me and for you, who knows and feels our deepest pain, who listens and weeps and encourages and even prays.  He invites us to lean on Him, His everlasting arms are always waiting to catch us, His right hand is extended to pull us up.

He says to us, as He said to Moses:  “My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.” (Exodus 33:19)

Jesus Himself reminds us:  “…I am with you always.” (Matthew 28:20)

The place of rest for us is in His presence.  He is always available, waiting for us to come to Him.   When we seek Him out, when we dwell in His presence, we will find rest.

The same is true for our prodigals.  We can pray for the presence of God to surround them, comfort them, overwhelm them.   We can ask God to give them a taste of the rest they are missing as they wander far from His presence.

The apostle John assures us, “…we set our hearts at rest in His presence.” (1 John 3:19)


Surely as you walk this path, you have met others who need to join us in the Presence of the Lord, on our knees together.  Please have them write to us at prayerforprodigalsatgmaildotcom for an invitation into our community and to participate in the June 2 Day of Prayer for Prodigals.

May God’s presence refresh you and give you rest.


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