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Could I write a blog post once a week?  Did I have the time, energy and ideas to share 500 or so words every week?

My initial goal when I started Kindling on January 31, 2010 was to—hopefully–write once a week.  But as I got going—and back into writing—I found the ideas started flowing.

In two years I have posted 228 blog articles.  Here’s a happy fact:  Though some are much better than others, there is not one I am ashamed to still have in my archives.

I’m thrilled to have 188 subscribed followers and another 200 who follow via Networked Blogs.  But I’m a little greedy.  I would love to have a lot more subscribers.

Why?  So I can have better numbers and improve my Klout score?  Well, that’s nice.  But truly, I just want to start more fires.  I believe God has used my writing to kindle fires in some hearts and minds, and I want to interact with many “kindling” people.

We all have so far to go to truly think and act and live and love like Jesus.  I am hoping to add a lot more fatwood to the fire, to be a fireseed, to enflame you and many readers with true Kingdom attitudes and actions.

So here’s my offer and my request:

I am giving away some books written by very special friends of mine, one each day for a week:

Half the Church: God’s Global Vision for Women by Carolyn Custis James

Lost Women of the Bible: The Women We Thought We Knew by Carolyn Custis James

The Gospel of Ruth: Loving God Enough to Break the Rules by Carolyn Custis James

Grumble Hallelujah: Learning to Love Your Life Even When It Lets You Down by Caryn Dahlstrand Rivadeneira (autographed)

Love You More: The Divine Surprise of Adopting My Daughter by Jennifer Grant (autographed)

Small Things with Great Love: Adventures in Loving Your Neighbor by Margot Starbuck (autographed)

Secrets of Success:  Letters to My Children by Yours Truly (autographed)

To be eligible for the drawings for these books, I need you to comment on this post.  In your comment you can do one of three things:

  1. Tell me how Kindling has been a spark to your heart or mind.  Feel free to reference a specific article.
  2. Tell me that you have newly subscribed to Kindling, so that you are sure to receive each post.  Of course, you still get to choose which ones you read. Just click on the Subscribe button in the upper right corner of Kindling.
  3. Tell me that you have forwarded this blog post to a friend and encouraged them to check out Kindling.

I will begin the drawings on February 1, doing one each day for a week.  You remain eligible for each drawing until you are a winner.

I look forward to doing some arson work with you—setting God-sized fires in our hearts and minds in the coming year.  I am grateful for you.

Judy Douglass


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I’ve been writing and speaking for several decades. (Yep, I’m getting pretty old, though I rarely think it or act it.  Only my body betrays me.)

Years ago, somewhere, I was given a clever outline for writing and speaking that helps you  grab the attention of your reader/listener.  And keep it through to the end.  (If you know where this came from, I’m glad to give credit.  I have shared it with hundreds of people.)

Here it is:  Hey, you!  See!  So there!


Catch their attention.  Startle them.  Ask a question.  Say something outrageous.  Make them want to read/listen to what you are going to say.


Identify with them.  What does this have to do with them?  Use the word “you” or “your.”  Promise them something you think they desire.


Make your case.  Fulfill your promise.  This is the body of what you are saying—the main thing.  Prove that you are giving them what you said you would.


Elicit a response.  What do you want to happen in their mind or their heart?  Help them to recognize the benefit for them—and for others they care about.


Action time!  What should they do in response?  How can they do it?

I use this outline as a guide for many of my messages and much of my writing.  I don’t necessarily follow it exactly, but it is in my mind as I write.

Give it a try.  How did it work for you?  I would love to hear how you used/adapted it.

C 2011 Judy Douglass


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10 Reasons I Pray

Recently I went to the beach for a 10-day prayer retreat by myself.
A 10-day prayer retreat?  By yourself?
But why?  And how can you pray for 10 days?  Well, I love time by myself.  And there are so many people and things to pray for/about. (And I do some other things besides prayer–Bible study and reading and writing.)
The harder question is “Why pray?”  Here are a few of the reasons:
1.      God  Himself desires fellowship with me!!!!!!!!! How can I turn that down!?!

2.    I am so grateful for what God has done for me, so I respond to His love and desire to be with me.

3.    I am desperate–in my own sinfulness, inadequacy, unworthiness. He is the only way to forgiveness and hope and purpose.

4.    When I listen to Him–through His Word, in stillness and quietness–He lavishes love and grace and affirmation on me.  And gives me wisdom and guidance and courage.

5.    The work of God is done on our knees.  Then we go find out what happened.

6.    The task of living the Christ-life is way beyond me–I must go to Him.

7.    I have so many people I want Him to touch–I must keep bringing them to Him.

8.    The world is so dark and lost.  He is the light and the way.

9.    Satan is a roaring lion, seeking to devour, deceive, and destroy. He loves to go after God’s servants, and especially their children. I feel compelled to stand against him, and the best way to do that is kneeling.

10.    I recognize my own total dependence on God for everything in my life and ministry. Prayer is the way I express that dependence and access His provision.

So really, 10 days is hardly enough.  I must, as Paul instructs, pray without ceasing!

c Judy Douglass

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